Introduces the unit vocabulary and dialogs

  • Clearly illustrates target vocabulary items [see sample]
  • Introduces two useful expressions and the grammar point in each unit [see sample]
  • Introduces a review dialog in levels 3 to 6 [see sample]
  • The find-the-hidden-animal feature makes learning fun [see sample]


Total Physical Response (TPR) (in levels 1 and 2) helps students learn verbs through listening and movement

  • Verbs are clearly illustrated for easy understanding [see sample]


Reviews previously learned dialogs and vocabulary (in levels 3 to 6)

  • Offers further review by recycling dialogs and vocabulary from previous levels [see sample]


Teaches the unit grammar within a carefully controlled syllabus

  • Presents grammar in context with artwork [see sample]
  • Simple substitution exercises consolidate the grammar point [see sample]
  • The Sing-a-gram (grammar song) provides a fun way to learn grammar [see sample]


Develops phonemic awareness as well as reading and writing skills

  • Clearly illustrates words with target phonics sounds [see sample]
  • Students can listen to and identify sounds
  • Reading and writing practice of the phonics sounds consolidate the sounds and spellings [see sample]


Reviews the unit language through fun pair and group work activities

  • Games consolidate language and develop confidence in a stress-free environment [see sample]
  • The Chant it! provides a fun way to review the unit language [see sample]


Reviews language from the previous three units



Provides cross-curricular learning in three fun and interesting units

  • Three Discover it! units provide cross-curricular learning in three units [see sample]
  • New vocabulary and dialogs are introduced and illustrated
  • The chant or song provides a fun way to review the language learned in the unit


Introduces new language while developing international awareness

  • Two Culture units develop students' international awareness [see sample]
  • New vocabulary and dialogs are introduced and illustrated



  • Helps teachers to assess students' understanding and monitor their progress [see sample]


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